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Health Information systems

  • Medical Device Audit and Procurement Tool

    Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) aims for optimal acquisition and utilisation of healthcare technologies as part of efficient and cost-effective healthcare services. It is equally important to address the physical environment/s within which healthcare is provided, as well as the information systems supporting healthcare delivery. Health Technology plays a fundamental element in improving access, quality and cost effectiveness in the delivery of healthcare services in South Africa; therefore understanding the role of technology management is required as it directly contributes to improved patient health outcomes.

    The benefits that will be brought by the introduction of the tool will include the development of a standardising reporting, support information management, and improve medical device procurement and utilisation throughout all health facilities.

    Technology is therefore a solid platform on which the delivery of healthcare rests, and a basis for provision of all health interventions; therefore acquisition and utilisation requires that decisions must be made carefully from national to the lowest level of healthcare to ensure the best match between the supply of technology and health system needs.

  • E-Clinical Audit

    Clinical audit is an integral part of clinical governance and can be carried out by any practitioner involved in the treatment of patients. It is principally the measurement of practice against agreed standards and implementing change to ensure that all patients receive care according to the prescribed norms and standards, the the National Core Standard to support the regulatory functions through customised and efficient. This can be delivered thorough an information system that can monitor, analyse and improve health care facilities performance.

    The benefits that will be brought by the introduction of the tool will include measures patient satisfaction levels and produced evidence-based results to be integrated into action plans of Hospital Management Teams for improvement of its services. .

  • E-Gatekeeping Algorithm for rational laboratory usage

    The aim of the EGK is to contain escalating laboratory cost and to improve rational ordering by means of restricting unnecessary repeats and screens of tests. Thus, will change the clinician behaviour from a Defensive Medicine approach to an Evidence based approach.

    The benefits that will be brought by the introduction of the tool will assist to address address both over- and underutilization of tests and improved Need evidence-based approach to patient management. Further, this tool will assist to achieve appropriate and cost-effective patient diagnosis and management.